Our mission is to help you transform your data so that you can fully capitalize on it to improve virtually every aspect of your business – from planning and supply chain management, to manufacturing, quality control and distribution. Terrantic Digital Twin 2.0 helps you to collect and process your real-world data in real-time, analyze it using sophisticated AI/ML technologies, and then visualize your true opportunities and problems in one easy-to-use platform.

For example, a global food processor can instantly see what’s happening in a major manufacturing plant so they can make the right decisions regarding supply chain changes, recipe variances and quality controls.

The Terrantic Digital Twin 2.0 system represents a quantum leap from the legacy technologies that typically employed synthetic data to create static simulations. By enabling you to leverage your real-world data in real-time, Digital Twin 2.0 ushers in an entirely new era of operational performance, efficiency and impact for your manufacturing operations and overall business. 

Digital Twin 2.0 empowers your team to fully utilize data that previously was too difficult to access or manage. We call this “contextualization,” or putting your decisions into context. What this simply means is that you immediately get access to new (previously unavailable) data to make better, faster decisions.

Equally important, our Digital Twin 2.0 technology gives you an intuitive understanding of your data by allowing you to “visualize” it in ways that help you drive optimal decision making. In today’s rapidly changing, digital-driven business and industrial environment, you cannot rely solely on static Excel spreadsheets and BI reports. Our Digital Twin 2.0 solutions leverage state-of-the-art visualization software that enables you to intuitively understand your data and what it really means in the context of your business.

Start making the RIGHT decisions at the RIGHT time.

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