Transforming the way growers, packers and sales desks operate

The first fully dedicated solution for the fresh food industry

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Welcome to Terrantic  
where data drives excellence

Discover Terrantic, the first end to end operational data solution designed exclusively for the needs of the fresh produce industry.

For packhouses, our platform transforms processes from receiving to shipping, enhancing production and optimizing storage.

We empower sales desks in grower accounting, demand forecasting, and packhouse planning.

Growers, join us to integrate and utilize your data effectively for insights at the lot & field level. Embrace digital innovation with Terrantic – where data leads to excellence.

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Key Use Cases

Line Optimization

Automatically convert your production plan into a line optimized to handle it. Maximize throughput, yield, quality, and labor efficiency. See dashboards and reports for a clear roadmap to continuous improvement.

Reduce Cost to Serve

Evaluate profitability prior to fulfillment. Leverage customer info, pick up points, load, etc. to ensure profitability prior to onboarding new customers / growers.

Improve Quality

Better data, better visibility, better quality. Terrantic's data foundation and suite of applications allow the tracking of quality from grower through packhouse storage, to retail. Ensuring maximized quality all the way.

Demand Forecasting

Model demand using historical data, factoring in market trends, seasonality, promotions, and current customer orders​Customize the model based on your business goals.

Extend your ERP

Our software effortlessly integrates with ERPs like Famous or Computech, offering an end-to-end data solution that boosts productivity, traceability, and reporting across your business.

Centralized Data Capture

Move beyond decentralized Excel sheets with Terraforms. Our configurable forms feature built-in validation and auto-population, minimizing manual entry and errors for all data capture needs, from grower inputs to QC data.

We make
Decisions easier

Our software is easy to set up, simple to use, and fits well with common industry equipment and financial systems. We partner with you to ensure it works for you and always provide ongoing support.

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