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What if you could use your data to make real-time decisions that significantly improve planning, optimize efficiency, and drive quality and performance? You can achieve all of that and much more with Terrantic’s proven solutions powered by our Digital Twin 2.0 technology. Terrantic’s industrial-grade software powers the following solutions designed to help you generate outsized results:

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Adaptive Production Planning: Our Digital Twin 2.0 technology connects all your real-world data in real-time to help you extract the insights that drive mission-critical decisions. By continuously monitoring changes in orders, raw materials, as well as line and labor availability, you can plan production more much more efficiently and effectively. 

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Forward OEE: Collect data across all three OEE metrics and continuously monitor all your real-time data to prevent problems before they occur. Don’t let your OEE metrics tell you where you went wrong. Instead, those key metrics should indicate what is going wrong in real-time so you can fix the issues immediately.

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Best Batch Quality: Ensure that you achieve the optimal quality in your product, every time.  Maximize product outcomes by analyzing the variations in your processes, and continuously monitoring every parameter impacting quality throughout the process.

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Super Trace: Our advanced traceability solution provides unprecedented connection between your data sources.  With end-to-end traceability and bi-directional genealogy throughout your data ecosystem, you can reduce the burden and costs of compliance and quality management.

Data is Worthless if You Can’t Use it When You Need it Most

Does your organization waste countless hours and resources trying to manage disconnected data systems? Are you struggling with Excel spreadsheets to analyze data across silos? It can all be chaotic and frustrating. Mostly, it’s incredibly unproductive. Here’s the bottom-line: If your data is not working for you, it’s worthless.   

At Terrantic, we’ve removed the data silos and built an advanced Digital Twin 2.0 technology platform that makes it easy for you to transform your data into an essential business asset. With Terrantic Digital Twin 2.0, you can quickly extract the most valuable, actionable insights that accelerate your manufacturing performance and business success. 

Empowering you to make impactful decisions with speed and at scale.


Terrantic Digital Twin 2.0

Deliver operational advantage using REAL-time feedback loops with REAL data.

Our Terrantic Digital Twin 2.0 platform pulls together all your operations data sources into a usable Data Lake, enabling you to make the best decisions every time and to ensure process excellence through Real-Time Feedback Loops.

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Key Features

Autonomous Workflows

Cloud Native

Continuous Contextualization

Continuous Monitoring

Customizable Dashboards


Low Code

Real-Time Feedback Loop

Data Lake

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Results Generated



Decreased Cost



Improved Cash Flow



Increased Production



Increased Throughput

What Our Customers Say

“The Terrantic Digital Twin solved a fundamental problem for managing my business. Terrantic was able to integrate and visualize the data from all my IoT sensors so that I could manage all my solar farms remotely. They help me serve my clients better and help ensure my business runs at peak performance.”

Guilherme Marzola, Solus Energias

“Terrantic is solving fundamental challenges throughout the agriculture industry by simply and efficiently tying together diverse and currently siloed data sets, including IoT, throughout organizations. Their core competency is making better use of the massive amounts of data that we have in the industry today to utilize and make better decisions. The fact that they can work across different stakeholders and KPIs throughout the industry and not building just another farm management software is critical and a game changer.”

Aaron Magenheim, Grower’s Insight

“From field to table, agriculture is changing how it grows and delivers. The Terrantic Digital Twin will be a fundamental necessity of this change. It will impact how growers and producers understand and utilize their IoT data. Their Digital Twin provides an intuitive understanding of how the data relates to the farm or food processing facility. True data driven decisions can be made from real-time access to this Data.”

Kevin Gorman, Thingblu

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