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Ops Planner eliminates the need for spreadsheets to plan your operations.

Planning is complex and managing it in Excel can be inefficient. Efficient planning requires considering both your demand signals as well as your capacity for delivery. Terrantic's Ops Planner integrates your spreadsheets to provide real-time updates on the latest information about orders, shipments, and live data from the factory floor. You will then be able to automate daily planning and scheduling for your production as well as automate planning for your packaging lines and shipments.

Develop efficient plans that can be executed by your operations team 100% of the time!

Master Production Plan
Automate the generation of a Master Production Plan. Improve inventory planning and staging to meet OTIF Goals.

Digitize Operations
Create the foundation for digital execution for supervisors and line operators.

Track KPIs
Have a clear understanding of your operational metrics. Measure KPIs such as OTIF, throughput, waste, and rework against predicted values.

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