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ERP Doctor

Terrantic’s ERP Doctor fixes your problems with existing legacy ERP systems.

Whether your ERP is making you inefficient, is decades old, or doesn’t fit your current business needs, let us fix your existing ERP problems without investing time and capital into a new ERP system.

Eliminate data silos and gain insights into your operations!

Data Foundation
Our data foundation was designed to connect all your data without professional services. The data from your ERP, WMS, CRM are available in one place.

Digitize Operations
Collect data across operations and your workforce digitally. Terrantic enables real-time and continuous updates across your entire organization.

ERP Fixer
Fix the problems with your existing ERP by troubleshooting root causes and building a data structure that permanently solves your ERP problems.

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Our software is easy to set up, simple to use, and fits well with common industry equipment and financial systems. We partner with you to ensure it works for you and always provide ongoing support.

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