The Terrantic Story

Our mission is to help you transform your operations so that you can get higher performance from your existing lines, machines, and resources – across all functions from planning and supply chain management, to manufacturing, quality control and distribution.

Why we started

Food producers are facing major headwinds. From labor problems to supply chain issues there are a number of ways our margins are squeezed and competitiveness threatened.

We are a team that were born into the food producing community, still have roots to our families growing and producing food and related products.

As an industry we find we are data rich and information poor. This has to change for us to make meaningful progress toward better decision making, and taking control of our destiny.

Taking control starts with how we look at our data and information

Internal systems are preventing companies from effectively adapting to the external events.  Legacy systems are decreasing throughput and yield.  Manual processes mean that downtime and performance are sub-optimal, and too much margin is lost in scrap, rejects and shrinkage.

Our team is experienced in solving this very problem

As passionate technologists, we wanted to bring our expertise and success in other industries back to our roots. We built scalable data architecture and co-pilot capabilities in another industry and successfully exited the venture already. With that success behind us, we are fully focused on bringing this ability to an industry we deeply care about and are involved in.

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Founded since 2016

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Meet team Terrantic

Trevor Cox
President & Co-Founder

As someone who has grown several startups from first customer to over $5M revenue, Trevor has had multiple roles across a range of technology companies including managing Infor for EMEA, and leading all corporate strategy at Brocade and transforming them from a $500M company to over $2.5B. As someone who has roots to grain agriculture in the midwest he is passionate about transforming the way food producers approach their operational decisions.

Mauro De Souza
UX Developer

As a software developer specializing in React and TypeScript, Mauro contributes to front-end development and interface development for the Terrantic suite of applications.

Joseph Guss
Sales Engineer

Leveraging experience as an industrial engineer in aerospace manufacturing along with a background in computer science, Joseph specializes in empathizing with customer's problems to bridge the gap between technology and business value

Prashant Jagarlapudi
Head of Product

Bringing over 2 decades of Industrial Product Management and Development experience, Prashant has led multiple teams at Symphony, Honeywell, Kalypso-Rockwell, Oracle and other places. At Terrantic he is focused on developing the Digital Twin platform into a cohesive set of applications for our manufacturing clients.

Thiago Mourao
Principal Engineer

With over 15 years of experience building complex visual applications Thiago has led scientific visualization at several companies including DataCloud where his work was featured in the Super Computing conference. At Terrantic he is responsible for all the Digital Twin technology development.

Bruno Pinho
Principal Data Scientist

Bruno brings in over 10 years of data science and AI + ML expertise. Specifically his focus is Computer Vision and Spatial ML. Using AI to ensure any data in an intelligent data foundation is automatically in context continually he has built the first continuous contextualization engine for industrial manufacturing data.

Mahendra Rajan
CTO & Co-Founder

With over 2 decades in data management, Mahendra brings a strong foundation and architecture acumen to the team. He has architected and built multiple ERP systems and data services applications across industries and is a recognized expert in data architecture. His family still farms wetlands in India and Mahendra is a driving force in how food producers will want to think about information and insights.

Pedro Ruas

A civil engineer by education Pedro is passionate about coding a better world. At Terrantic he is responsible for creating components that are reusable and deployed for multi-purpose adaptability. He brings over 5 years of full stack development experience to the team.

Krishna Srinivasan
CEO & Co-founder

Krishna has constantly pushed boundaries throughout his career and brought new applications and data products to life in multiple industries. With a deep passion to find simple solutions to complex problems and creating transformation through data driven decisions, he leads team Terrantic to do the same for the people who fuel us. His family owns and operates fruit orchards and coffee plantations and that drives his passion for this industry.

We make
Decisions easier

Our software is easy to set up, simple to use, and fits well with common industry equipment and financial systems. We partner with you to ensure it works for you and always provide ongoing support.

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What it means to be
a Terran

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We constantly strive to distill complex ideas and products into simple applications for our partners and users.

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We build from the foundation of trust and good intention. Without that our work will never be the best it can be.

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As valuable as we are individually, we are many magnitudes more valuable as a team aligned and working in the same direction.

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Always be curious. Every new relationship and user has a new perspective.

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We deliver only the best for our customers. It is a privilege to be doing what we do and nothing less will do.

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No innovation came without a few hiccups or failures, so be creative, experiment, and bring new things to life.