Industry tailored data platform to power your operations.

Terrantic Contextual Data Foundation was built for the unique qualities of industrial data. The data foundation connects to devices, files, databases, and systems via secure connections to ingest data and provide real time visibility. Out of the box streaming data connectors enable real time, normalization and contextualization of data points inherent to diverse equipment to analyze, visualize and act upon events happening in your operations.

Develop efficient plans that can be executed by your operations team 100% of the time!

Connectivity Toolkit
50+ connectors to various data source from machines, ERP systems, cloud-based software and standard industrial protocols

Multi-Modal Datastore
Ability to connect and store data in different formats from complex industrial time-series to simple structured data

Low Code User Forms
Digitize data capture directly into Terrantic using low code user forms

API Layer
Standard API layer to allow easy dissemination of data collected and contextualized

Other Terrantic Applications

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