Is your legacy ERP system making you inefficient?

Don’t replace it, rejuvenate it!

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Is your legacy ERP system making you inefficient?

Don’t replace it, rejuvenate it!

Legacy ERP Systems are not keeping up

with the needs of Food Processors

Food Processors are challenged with changing market conditions, labor availability challenges and escalating volatility of demand.

Most systems were built in the 90s and focused on financial reconciliation of operations. Siloed systems lead to plant managers and operators having to run operations in Excel. Most available solutions require either replacement or upgrades of existing systems introducing new problems and inefficiencies.

For as low as $25K and 6 weeks, rejuvenate your ERP system and modernize your operations.


Connect to your ERP System

Connect to any of the common ERP Systems (such as Famous ERP, JustFoods, iFoodDS, Sage and many more) to view information and derive insights. Even if you have more than one ERPs, view data across all of them in a unified view.

Modern User Interface

Use Terrantic ERP Doctor’s modern User Interface to interact with all your ERP Systems, making it a pleasure to work! Become more efficient with fast and responsive application.  Access data on a mobile device with ERP Doctor.

Built-in Reporting

Empower your operations personnel and plant managers with built-in operational reports. Utilize built-in reporting framework or connect to tools such as Tableau and PowerBI to drive agility to your operations.

Expanded Capabilities

Drive additional modern capabilities such as Planning and Scheduling functions, Supplier Quality Scorecard, and many more with Terrantic’s Platform. Get in touch with us to learn more about what is possible.

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