Sub Solutions

Digital Worker 2

Discover how Terrantic can help you digitize your workforce and solve fundamental labor issues, like worker shortage and managing the new overtime laws.

Adaptive Production Planning

Learn how to optimize your production planning by connecting your ERP, WMS, CRM, and MES systems and make decisions with real-time data. ‍

Best Batch Quality

Achieve optimal quality in every batch by monitoring raw materials variability, process set points, and machine/human errors during production. ‍

Forward OEE

Discover how our technology continuously analyzes every parameter that impacts your OEE by receiving alerts about problems before (or as they occur), allowing you to fix them immediately. ‍

ERP Extension

Explore how our technology can make your business processes scalable and more efficient by automating your Excel processes and extending the life of your legacy systems.


This proven solution helps you start your journey towards compliance with the new digital traceability laws in the US. ‍

Digital Twin 2.0 Technology

Discover how the underlying technology in Terrantic Digital Twin 2.0 will revolutionize your operations.

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