Case Studies

We help customers achieve measurable success with the use of our solutions. These customer success stories and testimonials help learn how our solutions solve real business problems, improve overall productivity, and reduce costs.

Dynamic Production Scheduling

Results Highlights: Reduced production planning time from 2 days to 2 hours through implementing a dynamic scheduling system using Digital Twin technology for a HMLV fresh-foods manufacturer.

“With Terrantic, we have a reliable system for production scheduling without spending millions of $$ on entire technology upgrade.”

​- General Manager & Head of Operations 

Quality Monitoring System for a Bottling Plant

Results Highlights: Reduced time for quality results from ~60 hours to 2 hours by implementing an effective quality monitoring system using Digital Twin technology.

“Now, we can interrupt the production process to make corrections and recipe changes for quality that were not possible earlier.”

-​ Manager, Production Operations 

Improved Productivity at a Distributed Solar Operator

Results Highlights: Reduced maintenance planning from 20+ hours to 10 minutes by visualizing data from all IoT sensors on a Digital Twin platform.

“Terrantic Digital Twin solved a fundamental problem for managing my business. Terrantic was able to integrate and visualize the data from all my IoT sensors so that I could manage all my solar farms remotely. They help me serve my clients better and help ensure my business runs at peak performance.”​


Analytics Engine for Large Grower, Packer, Shipper

Results Highlights: Reduced planning and scheduling time from 2 days to 2 hours, and increased workforce productivity by 15%.

“The project has helped us prepare to meet market demand for fruit size, fruit quality and packaging to maximize returns.”

- Owner

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