Analytics Engine for Large Grower, Packer, Shipper

The client is a vertically integrated grower, packer and shipper with over 600 acres of apple farms and over 20 acres of on-site cold storage facility, with high-speed packaging lines. The client is focused on providing quality apples to consumers.

To increase revenue and reduce costs, customer has adopted state of the art sorting and grading technologies, however, the benefits didn’t meet expectations.  The problem was that their operations are still completed manually, and the timely cleaning and maintenance of machines has a big impact on profitability.  Most of data from the machines wasn’t used indecision making.​

Terrantic converted excel-sheets with latest information about orders, and shipment, and collected live data from packaging machines. The system automates scheduling of bins loading, packaging lines, and shipments. This improves the efficiency of the process to take out bins from storage and loading on the packaging lines, and the shipping schedules.

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